Here at RotaHire we believe in fostering long term relationships. We are in it for the long haul, that is how we have manged to grow our business over the last 30 years. We pride ourselves on the quality of our products and the excellence of our customer service.

Rota provide sweeping solutions not just sweeping products. Our experience allows us to assess our customers needs and tailor a solution to each individual customer. We will conduct an initial site survey free of charge for all our customers and then assess their needs and give them our recommendations. We can offer a wide range of products from a number of different suppliers which gives us a huge advantage in being able to help our customers and tailor a solution for each individual customer.

Our range of sweeping equipment and scrubber/dryers is unrivalled. Whatever your budget we can find a solution for you. Call Sean for a free consultation or a quote.

Long-Term Hire

With the long-term relationship in mind we have developed a three-year hire products that is aimed at providing a fantastic product at a great price over 36 months.

You the customer pay a low set rate each month for the machine and we maintain it for you. Our service engineers will provide a full demonstration and operator training. An annual service of the machine will be taken care of by us and if you have any other issues along the way we are always on the end of the phone. At the end of the 3 years we can provide you with a brand new machine at a similar great hire rate.

Our Long-Term Hire Includes:

  • Full demonstration upon delivery
  • No delivery charge
  • Operator Training
  • Annual service
  • Support and Advice on any issues you may have
  • Safety inspection and testing
  • Brand new machine provided every 3 years
  • Flexibility: Option to change to a larger or smaller machine if required, this may require an adjustment to the hire rate

also included are:

  • Parts *(excluding consumable items)
  • A replacement machine is provided if a repair is to take longer than 72 working hours*

* unless due to misuse,


How it works:

You pick out which machine is most suited to your needs, we are always available to advise if you need help figuring this out.

Once you’ve picked out the machine you require and you’re happy with the monthly hire rate then all you need to do is sign the Hire Agreement  and complete the Direct Debit form you will receive by email. Once this is completed we will arrange a delivery date which is suitable for you. Upon delivery our Service Engineer will demonstrate how the machine works and how best to maintain the machine.


What we require:

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