MultiSweep 270 Fork Mounted Sweeper

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  • Fork mounted sweeper
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Product Description

MultiSweep 270

MultiSweep 270 is a robust and cost effective fork mounted sweeper which is easy to use. It can be powered by forklift hydraulics or alternatively by an independent diesel or petrol power pack.
The 270 is ideally suited to narrow aisle sweeping with a width of 1.2m (47 inches) and capacity of 270ltrs (9.5cuft). The Multi Sweep 270 attaches to the forks and is secured on both sides. It also has a gravity water stream for dust suppression and has the option of a side kerb brush for footpaths and kerbing.
A floating broom and fork lock system allow the sweeper to contour over rough terrain with ease. Whether it is a small yard or a large warehouse this entry level MultiSweep model will keep it clean.
Please watch our video to see it in action

• Robust, compact design.
• Permanently on site ready for instant use.
• Suitable for collecting fine sand, dust, mud, brick or general debris.
• Various attachments available.



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